Everyone has the misconception that applying cream 3 times a day will heal your tattoo. That is false & you’re actually slowing down the healing process by keeping your wound wet with ointment. The body heals on its own as long as it’s clean so:

  1. Keep the bandage on for 5-10 hours before washing to let your body let go of excess blood, ink & plasma.
  2. Wash twice a day with antibacterial soap & cold water.
  3. Dry very well with new paper towel (never use bath towel).
  4. On forth day use a tiny bit of lotion only at night before bed. Never during the day, keep dry during the day to avoid getting moisture trapped under.

Your tattoo heals however you take care of it!

No working out, No Beach, No Sun, No Pool, No Baths or Jacuzzi, No sleeping with pets, for minimum 1 week.

9/10 “Tattoo numbing” that you find online or in stores does not numb you. Those ointments are usually made in China or India & are packed with chemicals that change the texture of your skin making it harder for me to tattoo you properly. Please do not show up with random numbing cream on your skin or I will have to reschedule you. If you’re looking to not feel pain during a tattoo then don’t get tattooed. All I can offer is lidocaine spray which can only be applied once after the skin is outlined or open to absorb the lidocaine, and – only makes the burning sensation go away for about an hour.

If you would like to use it please advise me when requesting an appointment so that I can order for you & will be added to your balance day of your appointment.

For clients who want to see a design before booking an appointment we offer 45 minute Instagram Video Call Consultations for $100

You will have 45 minutes to speak to me about your ideas, come up with a design & give you a full rundown of what your project will require along with recommendations.

Must Pay upfront via Zelle for consultations

All consultations are held on Saturdays Only

Only 5 spots per week

View our “Request an Appointment” page and in the form description add the words video call.

Once I recieve your form you’ll be contacted via email for booking.

Or free consultation day of your appointment as a part of your session.

Short Sessions are typically made for quick pieces and extremely small projects.

Regular sessions are for smaller pieces or clients that can’t handle more than 2 hours of pain.

Halfdays are for pieces that are not as big but require a lot of detail.

Fulldays are great for clients with high pain tolerance and are looking to complete a larce piece in one day. Also great for starting large projects like sleeves or full backs

Savage session it’s all in the name! This is for psychopaths who have no regard for pain or life & want it done no matter what. This is only for a chosen few

Keep in mind all tattoos and clients are different. Choosing a session does not guarantee your entire piece will be complete in the session you choose

Tapping out during session will result in losing your time, you will not be charged less because you tapped out so choose wisely.

I require a 50% deposit via zelle only

Your deposit is to secure your spot in my schedule deposits are

I will request your deposit once I receive your email with all info necessary.

$200 an hour (2 Hour minimum)


*This does not mean all your ideas will be complete in your session. Some projects like portraits, coverups, half sleeves & full sleeves can take multiple sessions depending on your pain tolerance and detail of design

*You choose the session that your budget or pain tolerance handles until piece is complete. If you’re pain tolerance is high you can also book a large session to get as much done as possible or even finish in one day depending on the piece

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