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Solid social club is a private art studio located in Miami Florida. We provide the ultimate experience for our members to feel at home and as comfortable as possible during their sessions. We cater to almost every style of tattooing and are experts in designing the perfect piece for you.

We are not just a tattoo studio but a family. Mike’s goal as your artist is to build a trustworthy relationship with you so he can create exactly what you’re looking for with a positive attitude.

Michael Angel

custom tattoo artist

Mike has been tattooing since 2009 all around the country and has expert skills in the composition and execution of tattooing. All of our products & equipment are top of the line to ensure quality throughout time and as little pain as possible during your session. Any questions you might have feel free to contact us! Thanks!

Black and Grey
Neo Traditional

Customers reviews


Always man besides the work you done for me I really cherish the work you put into this man, a lot of my family members finally saw the adames you did for me on my arm they love the piece.
Amanda Lee
Full Session
I've been with you for years and the extreme love advisement and appreciation and respect for clients is UNHEARD OF - true artist. I represent you're appreciation and consideration for the culture-fantastic artist amazing lining - Clean SOLID lines and general respect for clients and ideas to elevate!
Adam Cheise
Short session

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